The legislature hereby approves and the governor is authorized to enter into a compact on behalf of this state with the state of Colorado in the form substantially as follows:

CUMBRES AND TOLTEC SCENIC RAILROAD COMPACT The state of New Mexico and the state of Colorado, desiring to provide for the joint acquisition, ownership and control of an interstate narrow gauge scenic railroad, known as the Cumbres and Toltec scenic railroad, within Rio Arriba county in New Mexico and Archuleta and Conejos counties in Colorado, to promote the public welfare by encouraging and facilitating recreation and by preserving, as a living museum for future generations, a mode of transportation that helped in the development and promotion of the territories and states, and to remove all causes of present and future controversy between them with respect thereto, and being moved by considerations of interstate comity, have agreed upon the following articles:

Article I The states of New Mexico and Colorado agree jointly to acquire, own and make provision for the operation of the Cumbres and Toltec scenic railroad.

Article II The states of New Mexico and Colorado hereby ratify and affirm the agreement of July 1, 1970, entered between the railroad authorities of the states.

Article III The states of New Mexico and Colorado agree to make such amendments to the July 1, 1970 agreement and such other contracts, leases, franchises, concessions or other agreements as may hereafter appear to both states to be necessary and proper for the control, operation or disposition of the said railroad.