A. The “museum of New Mexico” is established. All properties, real or personal, now held for museum purposes and all properties, real or personal, that may be acquired for museum purposes at any time in the future shall be under the control of the museum board of regents of the museum of New Mexico.

B. The museum of New Mexico consists of:

(1)     the palace of the governors state history museum; (2)     the New Mexico museum of art;

(3)     the museum of Indian arts and culture; (4)     the museum of international folk art;

(5)     the archaeology division; and

(6)     the state historic sites: (a) Coronado historic site; (b) Jemez historic site;

(c) Fort Selden historic site;

(d) Bosque Redondo memorial and Fort Sumner historic site; (e) Lincoln historic site;

(f) El Camino Real historic trail site; (g) Fort Stanton historic site;

(h) Taylor Reynolds Barela Mesilla historic site; and

(i) Los Luceros historic site.