A.   Before making application to the court for changing or establishing a name as provided in Section 40-8-1 NMSA 1978, the applicant shall cause a notice thereof, stating the nature of the application, the time and place, when and where the application will be made, to be published in the county where the application is to be made and where the applicant resides; the notice to be published at least once each week for two consecutive weeks in some newspaper printed in the county.  If there is no newspaper published in the county where the applicant resides, then the notice shall be published in a newspaper printed in the county nearest to the residence of the person and having a circulation in the county where the person resides.   

B.   If the court finds that publication of an applicant’s name change will jeopardize the applicant’s personal safety, the court shall not require publication.  The court shall order all records regarding the application to be sealed.  The records shall only be opened by court order based upon a showing of good cause or at the applicant’s request.   

  History: Laws 1889, ch. 3, § 2; C.L. 1897, § 2911; Code 1915, § 3808; C.S. 1929, § 92-102; 1941 Comp., § 25-502; 1953 Comp., § 22-5-2; 2001, ch. 125, § 1.