A.   The owner of every underground coal mine shall have made by a competent surveyor a clear and accurate map showing the surface plant and the underground workings of the mine.  The map shall be on a scale of not more than two hundred feet to the inch and shall bear the name of the mine, its location as to county, township and section, the name of the company, owner, the north point, the scale to which the map is drawn and the certificate of the surveyor as to the accuracy and date of the survey.  The mine map shall be extended and corrected every year.  True copies of the map and extensions and corrections thereof shall be provided, as follows:  one copy of each map and plan shall be kept in the office of the mine; and one copy of each map shall be delivered to the mining and minerals division of the energy, minerals and natural resources department and shall become the property of the state and shall be kept at the office of the mining and minerals division. Unless the owner of the property gives written authorization, mine maps shall not be available to any person other than the state mine inspector or his clerks and the director of the mining and minerals division.   

B.   Whenever an underground mine is about to be closed or abandoned for an indefinite period, the owner shall have made a complete final survey of all workings not represented on the map of the mine and shall properly enter the results upon the map of the mine so as to show the exact relations of the most advanced workings to the boundary of the property and shall file a copy of same with the director of the mining and minerals division.   

  History: Laws 1933, ch. 153, § 30; 1941 Comp., § 67-603; 1953 Comp., § 63-6-3; Laws 1989, ch. 193, § 11.