As used in the Soil and Water Conservation District Act N.M. Stat. Ann. § 73-20-25 to 73-20-48:

A. “district” means a soil and water conservation district as described in Section 73- 20-44 NMSA 1978;

B. “supervisor” means a member of the governing body of a district; C. “commission” means the soil and water conservation commission;

D. “agencies of the United States” includes the natural resources conservation service of the United States department of agriculture;

E. “landowner” includes resident and nonresident owners of natural resources;

F. “due notice” means the publication or broadcasting of the appropriate information by newspapers of general circulation and, if appropriate, broadcast stations licensed by the federal communications commission, or by other means that meet the requirements of the Open Meetings Act [N.M. Stat. Ann. Chapter 10, Article 15]. If print or broadcast media do not service the affected geographical area, due notice may be given by posting the appropriate information in notice form in six conspicuous public places where it is customary to post notices concerning county or municipal affairs within the affected geographical area;

G. “department” means the New Mexico department of agriculture; H. “director” means the director of the department;

I. “natural resources” includes land, except for the oil, gas and other minerals underlying the land; soil; water; air; vegetation; trees; wildlife; natural beauty; scenery; open space; and human resources, when appropriate;

J. “board of regents” means the board of regents of New Mexico state university;

and K. “registered voter” means a person who is registered to vote in New Mexico pursuant to the provisions of the Election Code [N.M. Stat. Ann. Chapter 1].