§ 2994-A Definitions
§ 2994-B Applicability; priority of certain other surrogate decision-making laws and regulations
§ 2994-C Determination of incapacity
§ 2994-D Health care decisions for adult patients by surrogates
§ 2994-E Decisions about life-sustaining treatment for minor patients
§ 2994-F Obligations of attending physician
§ 2994-G Health care decisions for adult patients without surrogates
§ 2994-I Specific policies for orders not to resuscitate
§ 2994-J Revocation of consent
§ 2994-K Implementation and review of decisions
§ 2994-L Interinstitutional transfers
§ 2994-M Ethics review committees
§ 2994-N Conscience objections
§ 2994-O Immunity
§ 2994-P Liability for health care costs
§ 2994-Q Effect on other rights
§ 2994-R Special proceeding authorized; court orders; health care guardian for minor patient
§ 2994-S Remedy
§ 2994-T Regulations
§ 2994-U Rights to be publicized