§ 601. Applicability. (A) When the total compensation demanded by all condemnees having an interest in a particular property being acquired is twenty-five thousand dollars or less, exclusive of interest, a condemnee may, within the time prescribed by section five hundred three of this law, file a claim with the clerk of the court having jurisdiction over the acquisition, and a copy of said claim upon the chief legal officer of the condemnor, or upon such other official designated by the condemnor to receive such service. This claim shall include a request to the court to proceed in accordance with this article and describe briefly the property to which the request relates and set forth the amount of compensation demanded by the condemnee including a concise statement of the basis therefor.

    (B) The court shall view the property, and shall upon reasonable notice to the condemnor and the condemnee, meet at a hearing with the parties or representatives present and proceed in an informal manner to hear proof concerning the amount of compensation due the condemnee.