§ 14-105 Superintendent of buildings; compensation. a. There shall be an officer to be known as superintendent of buildings, to be selected from among the members of the uniformed force by the commissioner. He or she shall be subject to the rules and regulations governing other members of the force as regards promotion and otherwise. The superintendent of buildings shall be entitled to all the benefits and privileges extended to each member of the force with regard to a pension, and shall not be removed or dismissed except in the manner prescribed for other members of the force. His or her time served as superintendent of buildings shall count as time served in such force for pension purposes.

b. Such superintendent, under the direction of the commissioner, shall have supervision over the maintenance of all department buildings, and supervision over the mechanical force of the police department.

c. The salary of the superintendent of buildings shall not be less than five thousand dollars per annum. Previous experience in construction, repair and maintenance of buildings in the police department shall be taken into consideration by the commissioner in the selection of such superintendent of buildings.