By using a name, symbol or statement so closely related to that used by another law enforcement affiliated organization or governmental agency that the use thereof would tend to confuse or mislead the public, including the use of statement or materials that would indicate that such funds or contributions were being raised for the department or the patrolman’s benevolent association of the city of New York, unless such agency or association shall have given its written permission for the raising of such funds for it, and the use of its name in connection with the solicitation of funds;

2. By means of a false pretense, representation or promise which includes representing:

(i) that the professional fund raisers or solicitors are members of the police force or employees of any law enforcement agency;

(ii) that funds collected will be used to aid surviving spouses, domestic partners or children of members of the police force slain in the line of duty or that the funds collected will be used for any other charitable program unless the organization is actually engaged in such a program;

(iii) that contributors will receive special benefits from members of the police force;

(iv) that contributions are tax exempt as a charitable contribution or as a business expense unless they so qualify under the applicable provisions of the internal revenue codes;

(v) by any manner, means, practice or device that misleads the person solicited as to the use of the funds or the nature of the organization.