§ 2-1.1 Heirs At Law and Next of Kin Defined
§ 2-1.2 Issue to Take Per Capita, Per Stirpes or by Representation
§ 2-1.3 Adopted Children and Posthumous Children as Members of a Class
§ 2-1.4 Words of Inheritance Unnecessary
§ 2-1.5 Advancements and Their Adjustment
§ 2-1.6 Disposition of Property Where a Person Dies Within One Hundred Twenty Hours of Another Person or Any Other Event
§ 2-1.7 Presumption of Death From Absence; Effect of Exposure to Specific Peril
§ 2-1.8 Apportionment of Federal and State Estate or Other Death Taxes; Fiduciary to Collect Taxes From Property Taxed and Transferees Thereof
§ 2-1.9 Distributions in Kind by Executors and Trustees
§ 2-1.10 Provisions Relating to Infants and Minors
§ 2-1.11 Renunciation of Property Interests
§ 2-1.12 Credit Shelter Formula Bequests
§ 2-1.13 Certain Formula Clauses to Be Construed to Refer to the Federal Estate and Generation-skipping Transfer Tax Laws Applicable to Estates of Decedents Dying After December Thirty-first, Two Thousand Nine and Before January First, Two Thousand Eleven
§ 2-1.14 Right to Rcover State Estate and Gift Taxes Where Decedents Retained Interest
§ 2-1.15 Consequences of Partly Ineffective Dispositions of Trust Principal to Two or More Beneficiaries