§ 2994-A Definitions
§ 2994-B Applicability; Priority of Certain Other Surrogate Decision-Making Laws and Regulations
§ 2994-C Determination of Incapacity
§ 2994-D Health Care Decisions for Adult Patients by Surrogates
§ 2994-E Decisions About Life-Sustaining Treatment for Minor Patients
§ 2994-F Obligations of Attending Physician or Attending Nurse Practitioner
§ 2994-G Health Care Decisions for Adult Patients Without Surrogates
§ 2994-I Specific Policies for Orders Not to Resuscitate
§ 2994-J Revocation of Consent
§ 2994-K Implementation and Review of Decisions
§ 2994-L Interinstitutional Transfers
§ 2994-M Ethics Review Committees
§ 2994-N Conscience Objections
§ 2994-O Immunity
§ 2994-P Liability for Health Care Costs
§ 2994-Q Effect On Other Rights
§ 2994-R Special Proceeding Authorized; Court Orders; Health Care Guardian for Minor Patient
§ 2994-S Remedy
§ 2994-T Regulations
§ 2994-U Rights to Be Publicized