§ 160-P Definitions
§ 160-Q Grades and Branding
§ 160-R Sale of Lettuce
§ 160-S Rules and Regulations
§ 160-T Application of Article

Terms Used In New York Laws > Agriculture and Markets > Article 13-C

  • Attest: means providing the following public accountancy services which all require the independence of licensees:

    a. See N.Y. Education Law 7401-A

  • Compilation: means providing a service that presents, in the form of financial statements, information that is the representation of the management or owners of the client without undertaking to express any assurance of the accuracy of the information in the statements, to be performed in accordance with standards, developed by a federal governmental agency, commission or board or a recognized international or national professional accountancy organization, that are acceptable to the department in accordance with the commissioner's regulations. See N.Y. Education Law 7401-A
  • CPA: means any person who has received a license from the department or any other state as a certified public accountant for the practice of public accountancy. See N.Y. Education Law 7401-A
  • lettuce: means iceberg type lettuce. See N.Y. Agriculture and Markets Law 160-P
  • population: shall mean the number of people in the particular taxing jurisdiction as shown by the latest federal census. See N.Y. Tax Law 1215
  • State: means any state of the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U. See N.Y. Education Law 7401-A