Article 1 Family Court Established
Article 2 Administration, Medical Examinations, Attorneys for Children, Auxiliary Services
Article 3 Juvenile Delinquency
Article 4 Support Proceedings
Article 5 Paternity Proceedings
Article 5-A Special Provisions Relating to Enforcement of Support and Establishment of Paternity 571
Article 5-B Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
Article 5-C Judgment of Parentage of Children Conceived Through Assisted Reproduction or Pursuant to Surrogacy Agreements.
Article 6 Permanent Termination of Parental Rights, Adoption, Guardianship and Custody
Article 7 Proceedings Concerning Whether a Person Is in Need of Supervision
Article 8 Family Offenses Proceedings
Article 9 Conciliation Proceedings
Article 10 Child Protective Proceedings
Article 10-A Permanency Hearings for Children Placed Out of Their Homes 1086 – 1090-A
Article 10-B Former Foster Care Youth Re-Entry Proceedings 1091
Article 10-C Destitute Children 1092 – 1096
Article 11 Appeals 1111 – 1122
Article 12 Separability 1211