Beginning in the test year two thousand, a test agency which administered a computerized test in test year nineteen hundred ninety-four shall offer test subjects who take a computerized test a process whereby test subjects are afforded the opportunity to review questions and answers from their computerized tests. On or before July first, nineteen hundred ninety-eight, such test agency shall submit to the commissioner a report detailing the implementation of such process. Such report shall set forth in clear language the nature of such opportunity, which shall also be sufficient to meet the demands of such process. The commissioner shall review and comment upon the report no later than September first, nineteen hundred ninety-eight.

Terms Used In N.Y. Education Law 346

  • Commissioner: means the commissioner of education of the state of New York. See
  • Computerized test: means any test form administered to test subjects by means of a computer. See
  • test: means any test that is given in New York at the expense of the test subject and designed for use and used in the process of selection for post-secondary or professional school admissions. See
  • Test agency: means any organization, association, corporation, partnership, or individual or person that develops, sponsors or administers a test. See
  • Test year: means the twelve-month period commencing September first during which the test agency administers a particular test. See