1. No dentist shall use or possess elemental mercury in the practice of dentistry unless such elemental mercury is contained in appropriate pre-encapsulated capsules specifically designed for the mixing of dental amalgam. All dentists shall recycle any elemental mercury, including any pre-encapsulated mercury capsule waste, and dental amalgam waste generated in their dental practices in accordance with rules and regulations established by the commissioner.

Terms Used In N.Y. Environmental Conservation Law 27-0926

  • Waste: means any garbage, refuse, sludge from a waste treatment plant, water supply treatment plant, or air pollution control facility, and other discarded material, including solid, liquid, semisolid, or contained gaseous material resulting from industrial, commercial, mining and agricultural operations and from community activities, but does not include solid or dissolved material in domestic sewage, or solid or dissolved materials in irrigation return flows or industrial discharges which are point sources subject to permits under section four hundred two of the federal Water Pollution Control Act, as amended (86 Stat. See

2. The commissioner is hereby authorized and directed to promulgate rules and regulations necessary for the implementation of this section.