*Beginning on the 30th day of January in the year 2020, the mayor’s office of criminal justice shall submit shall submit a biannual report to the council and post to the office’s website and the city’s open data portal, a progress report on closing jails on Rikers Island and opening jail facilities outside Rikers Island. Such report shall be submitted within 60 days of January 1 and July 1 of each year and shall include information on the following issues:

Terms Used In N.Y. New York City Administrative Code 9-307

  • Arrest: Taking physical custody of a person by lawful authority.

1. Trends in the jail population and the drivers of population changes, including the following:

(a) the average daily population in total and disaggregated by facility, by borough of arrest, and in the following categories: pretrial, sentenced, technical parole violation, pretrial with parole violations, and other;

(b) the average and median length of stay of incarcerated individuals detained pretrial, in total and disaggregated by borough of arrest and whether there is a co-occurring parole violations; and

(c) the number and percentage of pretrial detainees whose length of stay is longer than 30 days, 90 days, six months, and one year.

2. The total capacity and average daily population of each correctional facility solely operated by the department of correction, disaggregated by facility.

3. The timeline for closure of each correctional facility located on Rikers Island, any significant changes to such timeline, and any significant actions taken by the mayor in response to such changes.

4. The budget for closure, and any significant changes to such budget.

5. The procurement of contracts related to closure and construction of jail facilities, including any relevant timelines.

6. A general overview of the design and construction of new jail facilities and any related information regarding the timelines for the construction of new facilities.

7. Populations relocated as a result of new facility construction.

8. The progress of implementing an electronic management system for individuals in custody.

9. Staff plans, by facility, including but not limited to the following information for the reporting period: the number of uniform and civilian staff hired, the number of uniform and civilian staff terminated, and the number of uniform and civilian staff who left the department for reasons other than termination.

b. No information that is required to be reported pursuant to this section shall be reported in a manner that would violate any applicable provision of federal, state, or local law relating to the privacy of information.

* NB Repealed July 1, 2028