Age, or

2. Defects in drainage, plumbing or ventilation, or

3. Infection with communicable disease, or

4. The existence of a nuisance on the premises, which is likely to cause sickness among its occupants, or among the occupants of other property in such city, or

5. Its stopping ventilation in other buildings, or otherwise making or conducing to make them unfit for human habitation, or dangerous or injurious to health, or

6. Its preventing proper measures from being taken for remedying any nuisance injurious to health, or

7. Other sanitary evils in respect of such other buildings, is so unfit for human habitation that the evils in, or caused by such building, can not be remedied by repairs or otherwise except by the destruction of such building or a portion thereof, the department having first made an order to vacate such building, if it deem such course just and proper, may condemn the same and order it removed. The department may institute proceedings in the supreme court in the city for the condemnation of such building, provided, however, that the owner or owners of such building may demand that it be surveyed in the manner provided for in case of unsafe buildings.