Has the care, custody and control of all village property of the fire department.

2. May purchase such equipment as is suitable and necessary to prevent and extinguish fires within the village, or for the purposes of any emergency and first aid squad organized within the fire department, and uniforms for all active members of the fire department and keep the same in good condition and repair.

3. May erect and maintain suitable and necessary buildings for the fire department.

4. May construct and maintain reservoirs and cisterns and supply them with water for use at fires.

5. May adopt rules for the admission, suspension, removal and discipline of the members, officers and employees of the fire department, may prescribe their powers and duties, and fix their compensation not inconsistent with section 10-1018 of this article.

6. May adopt rules and regulations governing fire companies and fire departments, prescribing the duties of the members thereof, and may enforce discipline and provide for public drills, parades, funerals, inspections and reviews of the village fire department, or any company or unit thereof, within the village or at other places within the state, any adjoining state or in Canada. Such rules and regulations shall not authorize any member of the board of fire commissioners to interfere with the duties of the fire chief or the assistant fire chief at such times as the fire department or any company or squad thereof is on duty.

7. May appoint persons other than members or officers of the department to take charge of village property, and may fix their compensation.

8. May employ duty or “call men,” to serve on a part-time basis when necessary, and fix their duties and compensation. Such part-time paid firemen in the event of injury shall be entitled to the applicable benefits provided for such part-time paid firemen under section two hundred seven-a of the general municipal law and in the event of injury or death shall be entitled to the applicable benefits, if any, provided for such part-time paid firemen under the retirement and social security law and the workmen’s compensation law. Persons who are volunteer members of the village fire department may be employed as such part-time paid firemen, but in the event of injury, death, disease, or infection, resulting from services performed in line of duty as such part-time paid firemen they shall not be entitled to any of the benefits provided for volunteer firemen under the volunteer firemen’s benefit law, or under any policy of blanket accident insurance purchased by the village or purchased by the fire department to cover only volunteer members of such department.

9. May inquire into the cause and origin of fires occurring in the village and may take testimony in relation thereto.

11. Notwithstanding any other provisions of law to the contrary, a village may include as part of its budget an appropriation to fund an annual firemen’s inspection-dinner for each fire company within the village.