14-100 Obtaining property by false pretenses
14-100.1 Possession or manufacture of certain fraudulent forms of identification
14-101 Obtaining signatures by false pretenses
14-102 Obtaining property by false representation of pedigree of animals
14-103 Obtaining certificate of registration of animals by false representation
14-104 Obtaining advances under promise to work and pay for same
14-105 Obtaining advances under written promise to pay therefor out of designated property
14-106 Obtaining property in return for worthless check, draft or order
14-107 Worthless checks; multiple presentment of checks
14-107.1 Prima facie evidence in worthless check cases
14-107.2 Program for collection in worthless check cases
14-108 Obtaining property or services from slot machines, etc., by false coins or tokens
14-109 Manufacture, sale, or gift of devices for cheating slot machines, etc
14-110 Defrauding innkeeper or campground owner
14-111.1 Obtaining ambulance services without intending to pay therefor – Buncombe, Haywood and Madison Counties
14-111.2 Obtaining ambulance services without intending to pay therefor – certain named counties
14-111.3 Making unneeded ambulance request in certain counties
14-111.4 Misuse of 911 system
14-112 Obtaining merchandise on approval
14-112.2 Exploitation of an older adult or disabled adult
14-112.3 Asset freeze or seizure; proceeding
14-113 Obtaining money by false representation of physical disability