54B-52 Commissioner of Banks
54B-54 Deputy commissioner of Savings Institutions Division
54B-55 Power of Commissioner of Banks to promulgate rules and regulations; reproduction of records
54B-56 Examinations by Commissioner of Banks; report
54B-57 Supervision and examination fees
54B-58 Prolonged audit, examination or revaluation; payment of costs
54B-59 Cease and desist orders
54B-60 Commissioner of Banks to have right of access to books and records of association; right to issue subpoenas, administer oaths, examine witnesses
54B-61 Test appraisals of collateral for loans; expense paid
54B-62 Relationship of savings and loan associations with the Savings Institutions Division
54B-63 Confidential information
54B-63.1 Confidential records
54B-64 Civil penalties; State associations
54B-65 Civil penalties; directors, officers and employees
54B-66 Criminal penalties
54B-67 Primary jurisdiction
54B-68 Supervisory control
54B-69 Removal of directors, officers and employees
54B-70 Involuntary liquidation
54B-71 Judicial review
54B-72 Indemnity
54B-73 Cumulative penalties
54B-74 Annual license fees
54B-75 Statement; fees
54B-76 Statement examined, approved, and published
54B-77 Certain powers granted to State associations
54B-78 Prohibited practices