Article 1 General Provisions 122C-1 – 122C-6
Article 1A MH/DD/SA Consumer Advocacy Program 122C-10 – 122C-20
Article 1B Transitions to Community Living 122C-20.5 – 122C-20.16
Article 2 Licensure of Facilities for Individuals With Mental Health Disorders, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Use Disorders 122C-21 – 122C-32
Article 3 Clients’ Rights and Advance Instruction 122C-51 – 122C-77
Article 3A Miscellaneous Provisions 122C-80 – 122C-81
Article 4 Organization and System for Delivery of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services 122C-101 – 122C-192
Article 5 Procedures for Admission and Discharge of Clients 122C-201 – 122C-366
Article 6 Special Provisions 122C-401 – 122C-466