1.    The board of a school district may offer and, upon the signing of the contract by both parties, pay a signing bonus to an individual who:

Terms Used In North Dakota Code 15.1-09-33.1

a.    Is licensed to teach by the education standards and practices board or approved to teach by the education standards and practices board;

b.    Has signed a contract of employment to serve as a classroom teacher in the district; and

c.    Was not employed as a classroom teacher by the board of a school district in this state during the previous school year.

2.    The board may pay to the individual the signing bonus authorized by subsection 1 in:

a.    One lump sum upon the individual signing a contract of employment; or

b.    Installments over a period of time not to exceed three years from the date the individual signed a contract of employment.

3.    A signing bonus paid under this section:

a.    Is in addition to any amount payable under a negotiated teachers’ contract;

b.    May not be included in the district’s negotiated salary schedule; and c.    May not be included as salary for continuing contract purposes.