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Terms Used In North Dakota Code 26.1-22.1-06

  • following: when used by way of reference to a chapter or other part of a statute means the next preceding or next following chapter or other part. See North Dakota Code 1-01-49

1.    Any boiler subject to federal inspection or under federal control.

2.    Any boiler located on a farm and used solely for agricultural purposes.

3.    Any heating boiler located in a private residence or in an apartment house of less than six family units.

4.    Any hot water supply boiler not exceeding the following limitations:

a.    Input of two hundred thousand British thermal units per hour.

b.    Pressure of one hundred sixty pounds per square inch [1,103.16 kilopascals] gauge.

c.    Temperature of two hundred fifty degrees Fahrenheit [121.11 degrees Celsius].

5.    Any portable steam cleaner commonly used in a garage.

6.    Any boiler of a miniature model locomotive, boat, tractor, or stationary engine design constructed as a hobby, not for commercial use, having an inside diameter not exceeding ten inches [25.4 centimeters] and a grate area not exceeding one and one-half square feet [1393.54 square centimeters] and which is properly equipped with a safety valve, water level indicator, and pressure gauge.

7.    Any electric boiler used as an integral part of an espresso coffee machine, provided that the boiler does not exceed one and one-half cubic feet [.0566 cubic meter] in water capacity, does not exceed fifty pounds per square inch [344.74 kilopascal] pressure, and is constructed, approved, or certified to the American society of mechanical engineers code or to other national or international standards.