Upon completion of inspection, the owner or user of a boiler shall pay to the commissioner fees or a combination of inspection and certificate fees. Inspection fees must be determined by the commissioner. Certificate fees are determined by section 26.1-22.1-10. The commissioner must determine and may annually adjust a fee scale for the internal inspections of power boilers, internal inspections of low pressure heating boilers, external inspections of all boilers, and inspection of boilers used exclusively for exhibition purposes.

Terms Used In North Dakota Code 26.1-22.1-09

  • State: when applied to the different parts of the United States, includes the District of Columbia and the territories. See North Dakota Code 1-01-49

Not more than two hundred dollars may be charged or collected for any one inspection of a boiler except for special inspections made upon request. All other inspections made by the chief boiler inspector, including shop inspections and reviews and special inspections when requested by the owner or user of a boiler, must be charged at a rate not to exceed five hundred dollars per day or three hundred dollars per half day of four hours or less, plus payment for mileage, meals, and hotel expenses as allowed by sections 44-08-04 and 54-06-09, except that the mileage rate for a state-owned vehicle will be the actual amount incurred by the commissioner. The annual fee for the issuance of a reciprocal commission card for a special inspector is forty dollars and the annual fee for the issuance of a welder-qualified card is twenty dollars. The fee for taking an examination for a hobby boiler operating license is twenty-five dollars and the fee for a hobby boiler operating license is twenty-five dollars. A hobby boiler operating license issued under this section is valid for six years.