(1) At such times as the Oregon Liquor Control Commission may prescribe and upon forms furnished by the commission, any license applicant or licensee of the commission may be required to submit a sworn statement to the commission showing the name, address and the nature and extent of the financial interest of each person, individual and corporate, having a financial interest in the business operated under the license.

Terms Used In Oregon Statutes 471.757

(2) The commission shall review the statement and may refuse to issue a license to any license applicant, or may suspend, cancel or refuse to renew the license of any licensee, when conditions exist in relation to any person having a financial interest in the business or in the place of business which would constitute grounds for refusing to issue a license or for cancellation or suspension of a license if such person were the license applicant or licensee. However, in cases where the financial interest is held by a corporation, only the officers and directors of the corporation, any individual or combination of individuals who own a controlling financial interest in the business and any manager of the business shall be considered persons having a financial interest within the meaning of this subsection. [1963 c.369 § 1; 1995 c.301 § 45; 1999 c.351 § 63; 2001 c.785 § 9]