(1) The Secretary of State by rule may establish classes of goods and services for convenience in the administration of this chapter. The classes that the Secretary of State establishes may not limit or extend an applicant’s or registrant’s rights and shall conform to the classes the United States Patent and Trademark Office has adopted to the extent practicable.

Terms Used In Oregon Statutes 647.024

(2) A single application to register a mark may include any or all goods or services on or in connection with which the mark is actually being used.

(3) If an application includes more than one class, the Secretary of State may collect a fee under ORS 56.140 for each class. [1985 c.728 § 84b (enacted in lieu of 647.025); 2009 c.459 § 6]


[1961 c.497 § 9; 1965 c.511 § 3; repealed by 1985 c.728 84a,110 (647.024 enacted in lieu of 647.025)]