Status of Adopted Persons
Effect of Homicide or Abuse On Intestate Succession, Wills, Joint Assets, Life Insurance and Beneficiary Designations
Uniform Simultaneous Death Act
Dower and Curtesy Abolished
Uniform Disposition of Community Property Rights At Death Act
Disposition of Wills
§ 112.025 Share of surviving spouse if decedent leaves descendants
§ 112.035 Share of surviving spouse if decedent leaves no descendant
§ 112.045 Share of others than surviving spouse
§ 112.047 Forfeiture of parents share by reason of termination of parental rights or desertion or neglect
§ 112.049 Petition for forfeiture of parents share
§ 112.055 Escheat
§ 112.058 Preferences and presumptions in escheat proceedings
§ 112.065 Passage by representation
§ 112.077 Time of determining relationships; application to different circumstances of conception
§ 112.095 Persons of the half blood
§ 112.105 Succession where parents not married
§ 112.115 Persons related to decedent through two lines

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