On or before July 1, 2007, the department shall adopt rules governing diesel engine idling to restrict the unnecessary operation of diesel motor vehicle engines. The rules shall be generally consistent with similar restrictions established by law or regulation in Massachusetts and Connecticut and shall provide that no person shall cause, allow or permit the unnecessary operation of the engine of a diesel motor vehicle while said vehicle is stopped for a period of time in excess of five (5) consecutive minutes in any sixty (60) minute period. Unnecessary operation of a diesel motor vehicle shall not include such periods and circumstances as the department, may determine as reasonably requiring that the engine remain idling, which periods may include, but not be limited to, periods when it is necessary for a vehicle to remain motionless due to traffic conditions or at the direction of a law enforcement official; when it is necessary to operate defrosting, heating, or cooling equipment to ensure the health or safety of the driver or passengers or to operate auxiliary equipment; when it is necessary to bring the engine to the manufacturer’s recommended operating temperature or when the engine is undergoing maintenance or inspection. The requirements of this section shall not apply to police, fire, rescue, ambulance and other public safety vehicles, military vehicles, armored vehicles that are being loaded or unloaded or are waiting to be loaded or unloaded, non-road vehicles, including farm vehicles, locomotives, aircraft, marine vessels, stationary diesel engines or auxiliary power units, or vehicles making deliveries of fuel or energy products.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2006, ch. 557, § 1.)

Terms Used In Rhode Island General Laws 23-23-29.2

  • Motor vehicle: means every vehicle that is self-propelled and every vehicle that is propelled by electric power obtained from overhead trolley wires, but not operated upon rails, except vehicles moved exclusively by human power and motorized wheelchairs. See Rhode Island General Laws 23-23-3.
  • Person: means an individual, trust, firm, joint stock company, corporation (including a quasi-governmental corporation), partnership, association, syndicate, municipality, municipal or state agency, fire district, club, non-profit agency or any subdivision, commission, department, bureau, agency, or department of state or federal government (including quasi-government corporation), or of any interstate body. See Rhode Island General Laws 23-23-3.