§ 6A-5-101 Short title
§ 6A-5-102 Definitions
§ 6A-5-103 Scope
§ 6A-5-104 Formal requirements
§ 6A-5-105 Consideration
§ 6A-5-106 Issuance, amendment, cancellation, and duration
§ 6A-5-107 Confirmer, nominated person, and adviser
§ 6A-5-108 Issuer’s rights and obligations
§ 6A-5-109 Fraud and forgery
§ 6A-5-110 Warranties
§ 6A-5-111 Remedies
§ 6A-5-112 Transfer of letter of credit
§ 6A-5-113 Transfer by operation of law
§ 6A-5-114 Assignment of proceeds
§ 6A-5-115 Statute of limitations
§ 6A-5-116 Choice of law and forum
§ 6A-5-117 Subrogation of issuer, applicant, and nominated person
§ 6A-5-118 Security interest of issuer or nominated person
§ 6A-5-119 Transition
§ 6A-5-120 Official comments

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