§ 17-25-10 No person shall be punished until legally convicted
§ 17-25-20 Punishment for felony when not specially provided for
§ 17-25-30 Sentence where no punishment is provided
§ 17-25-45 Life sentence for person convicted for certain crimes
§ 17-25-50 Considering closely connected offenses as one offense
§ 17-25-60 Change of sentence where former convictions were not considered at time of imposition
§ 17-25-70 Authority of local officials to require able-bodied convicted persons to perform labor in public interest
§ 17-25-80 Authority of Commissioner of Department of Corrections as to convicts sentenced to “hard labor”
§ 17-25-100 Suspension of sentence in misdemeanor cases
§ 17-25-110 Suspension of sentence shall run for period of time prescribed by judge
§ 17-25-120 Restitution of stolen goods
§ 17-25-125 Sentence for crimes involving the unlawful taking or receiving of or malicious injury to property may not be suspended unless restitution made
§ 17-25-130 Accepted plea of guilty as equivalent of jury recommendation of mercy for sentencing purposes
§ 17-25-135 Entry of sex offenders on Central Registry of Child Abuse and Neglect upon conviction of certain crimes
§ 17-25-137 Liability of court imposing alternative sentence
§ 17-25-140 Definitions
§ 17-25-145 Implementation and operation of community penalties program; contracts for preparation of individual community penalty program plans
§ 17-25-150 Responsibilities of program; mandatory community penalty plan provisions; limitation upon use of funds
§ 17-25-160 Funds for implementing program
§ 17-25-310 Opening and enforcement of sealed sentences upon arrest
§ 17-25-320 Enforcement of sentence and judgment against corporations
§ 17-25-322 Restitution to crime victim by person convicted of crime; hearing; determination of method, manner and amount; entry of order
§ 17-25-323 Continuing jurisdiction over court-ordered payments; default by person on probation or parole; enforcement as of civil judgment and lien; entry in records
§ 17-25-324 Restitution to secondary victims and third-party payees; reports
§ 17-25-325 Enforcement and execution of judgment in criminal case; findings supported by evidence
§ 17-25-326 Alteration, modification or rescission of order; petition upon good cause; preponderance of evidence
§ 17-25-330 Execution on forfeited recognizance or for fine
§ 17-25-340 When offender may be committed to jail; privilege of insolvent debtors
§ 17-25-350 Schedule for payment of fine by indigent; consequences of failure to comply
§ 17-25-360 Fines in the alternative shall be apportioned when part of sentence has been served
§ 17-25-370 Execution of death sentence upon affirmance of judgment or dismissal or abandonment of appeal
§ 17-25-380 Number of copies and form of notice under Section 17-25-370
§ 17-25-390 Acknowledgment of receipt of notice
§ 17-25-400 Service of notice on prisoner
§ 17-25-500 Title of act
§ 17-25-510 Definitions
§ 17-25-520 Notice of payment of profit from crime; notification of victims
§ 17-25-530 Civil action to recover profits; limitations; action by Office of Victim Assistance to recover payments and expenses
§ 17-25-540 Notification of Office of Victim Assistance of commencement of action; duties of Office upon receipt of notification
§ 17-25-550 Failure of offender or agent to notify Office of contract or monies; civil penalty; action to recover; disposition of proceeds
§ 17-25-560 Obligation to report knowledge of profit from crime
§ 17-25-570 Action by offender to defeat purpose of article null and void