§ 17-3-5 Definitions
§ 17-3-10 Persons entitled to counsel shall be so advised; when counsel shall be provided
§ 17-3-20 Appointment of counsel for indigents charged with murder; compensation
§ 17-3-30 Affidavit of inability to employ counsel; payment of indigent's assets to state; application fee; waiver or reduction of fee; disposition of fee revenues; fund for screening applicants
§ 17-3-40 Creation of claim against assets and estate of person for whom counsel is provided
§ 17-3-45 Affidavit of assets of persons seeking appointed counsel; application fee; claim against assets and estate of person provided counsel
§ 17-3-50 Determination of fees for appointed counsel and public defenders; maximum amounts; authorization to exceed maximum; payment for certain services
§ 17-3-55 Carry-forward of unpaid obligations
§ 17-3-85 Fiscal year-end disposition of unexpended appropriations for payment of private appointed counsel for counties without public defender corporations
§ 17-3-90 Vouchers for payment for services by private appointed counsel and for reimbursement of expenses; approval and submission for payment
§ 17-3-100 Discretionary authority of judge to appoint counsel is not limited; remuneration and reimbursement
§ 17-3-300 Omitted by 2007 Act No. 108, Section 7, eff June 21, 2007
§ 17-3-320 Office of Indigent Defense; executive director; appointment; duties
§ 17-3-330 Duties of Office of Indigent Defense
§ 17-3-340 Duties of commission
§ 17-3-350 Immunity
§ 17-3-360 Division of Appellate Defense created; administration and staffing; duties and responsibilities
§ 17-3-370 Appointment of counsel by court
§ 17-3-380 Funding
§ 17-3-510 Circuit Public Defender Selection Panel; county representation; nomination of Circuit Public Defender; election by South Carolina Prosecution Coordination Commission
§ 17-3-520 Circuit public defender; qualifications; responsibilities
§ 17-3-530 Chief county public defenders; responsibilities and duties
§ 17-3-540 Maintenance and staffing of county public defender offices
§ 17-3-550 Funding
§ 17-3-560 Administration of funds
§ 17-3-570 Administration of personnel
§ 17-3-580 Public defenders; requirements as to employment
§ 17-3-590 Office space and equipment
§ 17-3-600 Existing contracts for providing indigent defense services