§ 17-5-5 Definitions
§ 17-5-10 Election of coroner
§ 17-5-20 Bond
§ 17-5-30 Official oaths; commission
§ 17-5-40 Term
§ 17-5-50 Vacancy
§ 17-5-60 Office; book of inquisitions
§ 17-5-70 Coroner's deputies; appointment and duties
§ 17-5-100 Coroners shall carry out orders of county governing body
§ 17-5-110 Coroner or deputy coroner may carry pistol or other handgun
§ 17-5-115 Deputy coroners; training and law enforcement status
§ 17-5-120 Availability of medical records to coroner of another state
§ 17-5-130 Coroner qualifications; affidavits of candidates; training; exemptions; Coroners Training Advisory Committee; Expenses
§ 17-5-220 Establishment and functions of medical examiner commissions in certain counties
§ 17-5-230 Medical examiner commission shall employ medical examiner; duties; assistants; facilities
§ 17-5-240 Employment and duties of deputy medical examiners
§ 17-5-280 Records to be kept in office of medical examiner; index; copies; admissibility in evidence
§ 17-5-330 Salaries and fees; annual budget
§ 17-5-510 Duties of coroner and medical examiner
§ 17-5-520 Authority to order autopsy; request in event of child's death
§ 17-5-530 Duty to notify coroner's or medical examiner's office of certain deaths and stillbirths; inquiry; findings; notification of next-of-kin; consent for certain actions
§ 17-5-535 Persons authorized to view photographs or videos of autopsy; training use exception; penalty
§ 17-5-540 Coroner or medical examiner to notify Department of Child Fatalities of certain child deaths
§ 17-5-550 Coroner or medical examiner may petition for warrant to inspect home of child whose death occurred elsewhere
§ 17-5-555 Reporting certain deaths of vulnerable adults
§ 17-5-560 Certification of cause of death on death certificate
§ 17-5-570 Release and burial of dead bodies; preservation and disposition of unidentified dead bodies
§ 17-5-580 Authorization for removal of dead body; penalties; coroner's jury
§ 17-5-590 Disposition of remains of unidentified dead bodies
§ 17-5-600 Permit required for cremation
§ 17-5-610 Duty to notify coroner or medical examiner in certain cases when body is buried without investigation