§ 17-7-10 Coroners or solicitors shall order autopsies; autopsy to be ordered upon death of persons in penal institutions
§ 17-7-15 Return of body after autopsy or medical examination
§ 17-7-20 Requirement of preliminary examination before formal inquest; when inquest may be dispensed with
§ 17-7-30 Findings on preliminary examination and filing of evidence
§ 17-7-40 Fees for preliminary examination
§ 17-7-70 Jurisdiction of coroners to take inquests
§ 17-7-80 Duties of coroner concerning motor vehicle, swimming or boating accident deaths
§ 17-7-90 Persons subject to jury duty are liable to serve on an inquest
§ 17-7-100 Mode of summoning a jury
§ 17-7-110 Procedures to be followed by person directed to summon jury; compensation
§ 17-7-120 Form of warrant to summon jury
§ 17-7-130 Execution and return of warrant; officer or juror subject to penalty for failure to perform
§ 17-7-140 Number of jurors and oath
§ 17-7-150 Coroner shall charge jury
§ 17-7-160 Inquiry in case of suicide
§ 17-7-170 Coroner's power to issue warrants and to summon and examine witnesses
§ 17-7-175 Coroner's power to issue subpoena duces tecum
§ 17-7-180 Disregard of summons or refusal to testify
§ 17-7-190 Coroner may punish for contempt
§ 17-7-200 Coroner's power to adjourn the jury and bind jurors
§ 17-7-210 Supplying places of absent jurors
§ 17-7-220 Oath of witnesses
§ 17-7-230 Coroner shall take testimony in writing and bind over or commit witnesses
§ 17-7-240 Duty to render verdict; form
§ 17-7-250 Form of conclusion of inquisition where deceased was wilfully killed
§ 17-7-260 Form of conclusion of inquisition where death was not wilful but by the hands of another
§ 17-7-270 Form of conclusion of inquisition in case of death by self-murder
§ 17-7-280 Form of conclusion of inquisition in case of death by means unknown
§ 17-7-290 Form of conclusion of inquisition in case of death by mischance
§ 17-7-300 Form of attestation clause; signature to inquisition
§ 17-7-310 Return of inquisition and evidence to clerk
§ 17-7-320 Endorsement on return of inquisition and evidence
§ 17-7-330 Coroner's Book of Inquisitions
§ 17-7-340 Compensation and mileage allowed coroner's jurors
§ 17-7-510 Penalty for burying body without notice or inquiry
§ 17-7-520 Order to take up buried body on suspicion of violent death; examination
§ 17-7-530 Record of body long dead and buried or improperly kept
§ 17-7-610 Warrant in case of wilful killing
§ 17-7-620 Form of warrant in case of wilful killing
§ 17-7-630 Commitment of person named in warrant in case of wilful killing
§ 17-7-640 Sheriff and jailers are required to keep persons committed
§ 17-7-650 Binding over person who killed another by mischance and witnesses
§ 17-7-660 Report by county coroner to Governor in certain homicide cases
§ 17-7-670 Report by coroners and magistrates to Public Service Commission in case of railroad accident