Title 1 Administration of the Government
Title 2 General Assembly
Title 3 U.S. Government, Agreements and Relations With
Title 4 Counties
Title 5 Municipal Corporations
Title 6 Local Government – Provisions Applicable to Special Purpose Districts and Other Political Subdivisions
Title 7 Elections
Title 8 Public Officers and Employees
Title 9 Retirement Systems
Title 10 Public Buildings and Property
Title 11 Public Finance
Title 12 Taxation
Title 13 Planning, Research and Development
Title 14 Courts
Title 15 Civil Remedies and Procedures
Title 16 Crimes and Offenses
Title 17 Criminal Procedures
Title 18 Appeals
Title 19 Evidence
Title 20 Domestic Relations
Title 21 Estates, Trusts, Guardians and Fiduciaries
Title 22 Magistrates and Constables
Title 23 Law Enforcement and Public Safety
Title 24 Corrections, Jails, Probations, Paroles and Pardons
Title 25 Military, Civil Defense and Veterans Affairs
Title 26 Notaries Public and Acknowledgements
Title 27 Property and Conveyances
Title 28 Eminent Domain
Title 29 Mortgages and Other Liens
Title 30 Public Records
Title 31 Housing and Redevelopment
Title 32 Contracts and Agents
Title 33 Corporations, Partnerships and Associations
Title 34 Banking, Financial Institutions and Money
Title 35 Securities
Title 36 Commercial Code
Title 37 Consumer Protection Code
Title 38 Insurance
Title 39 Trade and Commerce
Title 40 Professions and Occupations
Title 41 Labor and Employment
Title 42 Workers’ Compensation
Title 43 Social Services
Title 44 Health
Title 45 Hotels, Motels, Restaurants and Boardinghouses
Title 46 Agriculture
Title 47 Animals, Livestock and Poultry
Title 48 Environmental Protection and Conservation
Title 49 Waters, Water Resources and Drainage
Title 50 Fish, Game and Watercraft
Title 51 Parks, Recreation and Tourism
Title 52 Amusements and Athletic Contests
Title 53 Sundays, Holidays and Other Special Days
Title 54 Ports and Maritime Matters
Title 55 Aeronautics
Title 56 Motor Vehicles
Title 57 Highways, Bridges and Ferries
Title 58 Public Utilities, Services and Carriers
Title 59 Education
Title 60 Libraries, Archives, Museums and Arts
Title 61 Alcohol and Alcoholic Beverages
Title 62 South Carolina Probate Code
Title 63 South Carolina Children’s Code