§ 17-30-10 Interception of wire, electronic, or oral communications authorized
§ 17-30-15 Definitions
§ 17-30-20 Prohibited acts
§ 17-30-25 Interception and disclosure of information by provider of wire or electronic communications service; exceptions when authorized by law
§ 17-30-30 Interception by employee of Federal Communications Commission, by person acting under color or law, and when party has given prior consent
§ 17-30-35 Lawful interceptions of electronic communications
§ 17-30-40 Disclosure of content of communication by provider of electronic communication service
§ 17-30-45 Use of pen register or trap and trace device
§ 17-30-50 Penalty for violating Sections 17-30-20 through 17-30-45
§ 17-30-55 Mailing or manufacturing devices for unlawful interception of wire, oral, or electronic communications
§ 17-30-60 Seizure and forfeiture
§ 17-30-65 Admissibility of contents of, or evidence derived from, intercepted communications; contents as public record
§ 17-30-70 Orders authorizing interception; application process; agencies and individuals authorized to conduct interception
§ 17-30-75 Disclosure of content of intercepted communication
§ 17-30-80 Application for interception order; contents; establishing allegations of fact; additional evidence; basis for entry of order
§ 17-30-85 Information to be specified in order
§ 17-30-90 Duration and termination of interception; reports to authorizing judge
§ 17-30-95 Interception prior to obtaining order; oral notification of judge in emergency
§ 17-30-100 Recording, sealing, custody, and destruction of intercepted communications; notification of and inspection by parties to interception
§ 17-30-105 Providing copies of intercepted communications to parties as prerequisite to receiving evidence; prejudice as factor in motions to waive time for providing copies and for continuance
§ 17-30-110 Pretrial motion to suppress; grounds; appeals by State; exclusive remedy
§ 17-30-115 Interception of communications; requirements relating to specifications of facilities; exceptions
§ 17-30-120 Determination of facility as prerequisite to interception when facility not specified in order; petition by provider to modify or quash
§ 17-30-125 On-scene orders to cut or divert telephone lines; grounds; administrative subpoena for production of certain subscriber or customer information; regulations; good faith reliance as defense
§ 17-30-130 Reporting intercepted communications
§ 17-30-135 Civil action for wrongful interceptions
§ 17-30-140 Mobile tracking devices; contents of application for order authorizing use; standards for installation and monitoring; definition
§ 17-30-145 Surveillance training requirements