Every conveyance, grant, charge, lease, estate, encumbrance and limitation of use or uses of, in or out of any lands, tenements or other hereditaments whatsoever which may be had or made for the intent and of purpose to defraud and deceive such person or persons, bodies politic or corporate, as shall purchase in fee simple, fee tail, for life, lives or years such lands, tenements and hereditaments, or any part and parcel thereof, or to defraud and deceive such as have or shall purchase any rent, profit or commodity in or out of the same, or any part thereof, shall be deemed and taken (only as against such person and persons, bodies politic and corporate, his and their heirs, successors, executors, administrators and assigns and against all and every other person and persons lawfully having or claiming by, from or under them, or any of them, which shall have so purchased, for money or other good consideration such lands, tenements or hereditaments, or any part or parcel thereof, or any rent, profit or commodity in or out of them) to be utterly void, frustrate and of no effect, any pretense, color, feigned consideration or expressing of any use or uses to the contrary notwithstanding.