A person who owns land on which is situated an abandoned cemetery or burying ground may remove graves in the cemetery or ground to a suitable plot in another cemetery or suitable location if:

(1) It is necessary and expedient in the opinion of the governing body of the county or municipality in which the cemetery or burying ground is situated to remove the graves. The governing body shall consider objections to removal pursuant to the notice under item (2) or otherwise before it approves removal.

(2) Thirty days’ notice of removal is given to the relatives of the deceased persons buried in the graves, if they are known. If no relatives are known, thirty days’ notice must be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the county where the property lies. If no newspaper is published in the county, notice must be posted in three prominent places in the county, one of which must be the courthouse door.

(3) Due care is taken to protect tombstones and replace them properly, so as to leave the graves in as good condition as before removal.