§ 44-2-10 Short title
§ 44-2-20 Definitions
§ 44-2-40 Superb Account and Superb Financial Responsibility Fund created; purposes and uses
§ 44-2-50 Regulations to be promulgated; cost of rehabilitation
§ 44-2-60 Registration of underground storage tanks; environmental impact fee
§ 44-2-70 Financial responsibility of underground storage tank owners and operators
§ 44-2-75 Insurance pools
§ 44-2-80 Release of regulated substance; containment, removal, and abatement
§ 44-2-90 Accrued interest; prospective abolition of environmental interest fee; use of residual funds for site rehabilitation
§ 44-2-110 Early detection incentive program
§ 44-2-115 Eligibility requirements to be applied to favor eligibility; qualified site remains qualified until correction and compensation; petition for matter to be heard as contested case; reconsideration by mediation panel
§ 44-2-120 Use of contractors, subcontractors, and employees for rehabilitation or cleanup
§ 44-2-130 Compensation from Superb Account; other insurance or financial responsibility mechanism; deadline for submission; site rehabilitation not a state contract; criteria and restrictions; application, certification, approval, denial, appeal; records; rehabili
§ 44-2-140 Enforcement of chapter or department order; penalties for violations
§ 44-2-150 Superb Advisory Committee; establishment; purposes; composition; terms; officers; quorum; operating procedures; facilities; duties and responsibilities; reports