§ 17-13-10 Circumstances when any person may arrest a felon or thief
§ 17-13-20 Additional circumstances when citizens may arrest; means to be used
§ 17-13-30 Officers may arrest without warrant for offenses committed in view
§ 17-13-40 Law enforcement officer jurisdiction when in pursuit of offender; authority, rights, privileges and immunities extended
§ 17-13-45 Response to distress calls or requests for assistance in adjacent jurisdictions; extension of rights, privileges and immunities
§ 17-13-47 Arrest in State by officer from Georgia or North Carolina; procedure for determining lawfulness of arrest; extradition
§ 17-13-50 Right to be informed of ground of arrest; consequences of refusal to answer or false answer
§ 17-13-60 Circumstances when persons are not to be arrested but may be served process
§ 17-13-70 Warrant authorizing breaking open gambling rooms
§ 17-13-80 Service of process on domestic and foreign corporations
§ 17-13-90 Service of criminal process on Sunday
§ 17-13-100 Escaped prisoners may be retaken on Sunday
§ 17-13-110 Confinement in industrial communities
§ 17-13-120 Persons shall not be removed from one prison to another without cause
§ 17-13-130 Penalty for signing warrant for illegal removal of prisoner
§ 17-13-140 Issuance, execution and return of search warrants for property connected with the commission of crime; inventory of property seized
§ 17-13-141 Records to be kept by judiciary officers authorized to issue search warrants; penalty
§ 17-13-150 Person served search warrant shall be furnished copy of warrant and supporting affidavit
§ 17-13-160 Form of arrest warrants and search warrants shall be prescribed by Attorney General
§ 17-13-170 Law enforcement authorization to determine immigration status; reasonable suspicion; procedures; data collection on motor vehicle stops