All parties to such feigned, covinous and fraudulent gifts, grants, leases, charges or conveyances, or being privy to and knowing of them, or any of them, who shall wittingly or willingly put in use, avow, maintain, justify or defend them, or any of them, as true, simple and done, had or made bona fide or upon good consideration, of or to the disturbance or hindrance of the purchaser or purchasers, lessees or grantees, their heirs, successors, executors, administrators or assigns or such as have or shall lawfully claim anything by, from or under them, or any of them, shall incur the penalty and forfeiture of one year’s value of such lands, tenements and hereditaments so purchased or charged, the one moiety whereof shall be for the use of the State and the other moiety to the party or parties grieved by such feigned and fraudulent gift, grant, lease, conveyance, encumbrance or limitation of use, to be recovered by action in any court of competent jurisdiction; and also, being thereof lawfully convicted, shall suffer imprisonment for one-half year.