(A) A person who is licensed as a master haircare specialist on May 13, 1986, may have this license renewed annually upon payment of the required license fee.

(B) A registered barber or a registered apprentice whose certificate of registration has expired may have the certificate reinstated immediately upon payment of the required reinstatement fee. A registered barber who does not engage in the practice of barbering for three years or less may renew the certificate of registration upon payment of a reinstatement fee. If more than three years have elapsed, the person must pass an examination and pay the reinstatement fee.

Terms Used In South Carolina Code 40-7-250

  • Practice of barbering: means any one or a combination of:

    (a) shaving or trimming a beard, cutting the hair, or hairstyling;

    (b) giving facial or scalp massages or treatments with oils, creams, lotions, or other preparations, either by hand or mechanical appliances;

    (c) singeing, shampooing, or dyeing the hair or applying hair tonics or chemicals to wave, relax, straighten, or bleach the hair;

    (d) applying cosmetic preparations, antiseptics, powders, oils, clays, and lotions to the scalp, neck, or face;

    (e) cutting, shaping, fitting, styling, and servicing hair pieces, toupees, and wigs. See South Carolina Code 34-26-730

(C) A registered apprentice who has submitted proof of the apprenticeship for the purpose of becoming licensed as a registered barber must take the examination before the next July first and the apprentice license may not be renewed.