(A) The Department of Motor Vehicles may issue "Largemouth Bass" special motor vehicle license plates to owners of private passenger carrying motor vehicles, as defined in Section 56-3-630, or motorcycles as defined in Section 56-3-20, registered in their names. The license plate shall have the image of a largemouth bass imprinted on it. The design of the plate and the largemouth bass image utilized must be selected through a public process conducted by the Department of Natural Resources. This special license plate must be of the same size and general design of regular motor vehicle license plates. The special license plates must be issued or revalidated for a biennial period which expires twenty-four months from the month the special license plate is issued.

(B) The fees collected pursuant to this section above the cost of production must be distributed to the Department of Natural Resources, which only shall use the funds to promote bass fishing throughout the State.

(C) The guidelines for the production, collection and distribution of fees for a special license plate under this section must meet the requirements of Section 56-3-8100.