§ 39-25-10 Short title
§ 39-25-20 Definitions
§ 39-25-30 Prohibited acts
§ 39-25-35 Exception to prohibited acts
§ 39-25-40 Injunctions
§ 39-25-50 Penalties; effect of guaranty from supplier of article; liability of advertising media
§ 39-25-60 Procedure for embargo and condemnation of adulterated or misbranded article; condemnation of poisonous perishable foods
§ 39-25-70 Duty of solicitors and Attorney General; notice of contemplated criminal proceedings
§ 39-25-80 Minor violations of chapter
§ 39-25-90 Application of definitions and standards adopted under Federal act
§ 39-25-100 Food deemed adulterated
§ 39-25-110 Food deemed misbranded
§ 39-25-115 Finding of contamination; regulations for temporary period to protect public health; access to factories for inspection
§ 39-25-120 Promulgation of regulations containing exemptions for food from labeling requirement; effect of Federal regulations
§ 39-25-130 Unsafe additives; authority of Commissioner to prescribe tolerances for additives and pesticide chemicals
§ 39-25-140 Cosmetic deemed adulterated
§ 39-25-150 Cosmetic deemed misbranded
§ 39-25-160 Labeling and packaging of consumer commodities
§ 39-25-170 Advertisement deemed false
§ 39-25-180 Promulgation of regulations; hearings; adoption of Federal regulations
§ 39-25-190 Authority to enter and inspect premises and copy records; reports; analysis of samples
§ 39-25-200 Publication of judgments and orders and other information
§ 39-25-210 Persons subject to inspection pursuant to this chapter; registration requirements; exceptions; annual renewal; civil and criminal penalties

Terms Used In South Carolina Code > Title 39 > Chapter 25

  • agricultural products: shall include horticultural, viticultural, forestry, dairy, livestock, poultry, bee and any other farm products;

    (2) The term "member" shall include actual members of associations without capital stock and holders of common stock in associations organized with capital stock; and

    (3) The term "association" means any corporation organized under this chapter. See South Carolina Code 33-47-20
  • Articles of incorporation: means the articles of conversion of a corporation converted to a telephone cooperative pursuant to Article 8 of this chapter. See South Carolina Code 33-46-20
  • association: means any corporation organized under this chapter. See South Carolina Code 33-47-20
  • Member: means each incorporator of a cooperative and each person admitted to and retaining membership therein and includes a husband and wife admitted to joint membership. See South Carolina Code 33-46-20
  • Telephone cooperative: means a corporation which is financed, now or formerly, in whole or in part by the Department of Agriculture made under the provisions of the Rural Electric Act of 1936, Title 26, Section 922 of the United States Code, and acts amendatory thereto for the purposes of owning or operating in this State equipment or facilities for the transmission of intelligence through a communication service system including, but not limited to, telephone services, mobile radio, and cable television on a cooperative basis as is tax exempt pursuant to Internal Revenue Service Code 501(c)(12) or an association of like corporations exempt from tax pursuant to 501(c)(6), or operated under a cooperative basis pursuant to Subchapter T of the Internal Revenue Code and originally incorporated pursuant to Title 33, Chapter 45 of the South Carolina Code of Laws or this chapter. See South Carolina Code 33-46-20