Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 3 Department and Director of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation
Chapter 7 Right to Work
Chapter 8 Illegal Aliens and Private Employment
Chapter 10 Payment of Wages
Chapter 13 Child Labor
Chapter 14 Boiler Safety Act
Chapter 15 Occupational Health and Safety
Chapter 16 South Carolina Elevator Code
Chapter 17 Conciliation of Industrial Disputes
Chapter 18 South Carolina Amusement Rides Safety Code
Chapter 21 Future Volunteer Firefighters Act of South Carolina
Chapter 25 Private Personnel Placement Services
Chapter 27 Employment and Workforce – General Provisions
Chapter 29 Employment and Workforce – Department of Employment and Workforce
Chapter 31 Contributions and Payments to the Unemployment Trust Fund
Chapter 33 Employment and Workforce – Funds
Chapter 35 Employment and Workforce – Benefits and Claims Therefor
Chapter 37 Employment and Workforce – Employer’S Coverage
Chapter 39 Employment and Workforce – Protection of Rights and Benefits
Chapter 41 Employment and Workforce – Offenses, Penalties and Liabilities
Chapter 42 State Employment Service
Chapter 43 South Carolina Jobs – Economic Development Fund Act
Chapter 44 Palmetto Seed Capital Fund Limited Partnership