§ 44-6-610 Citation of article
§ 44-6-620 Definitions
§ 44-6-630 Creation of GAPS program; purpose
§ 44-6-640 Administration of program; assistance of other agencies or organizations; enrollment fee
§ 44-6-650 Eligibility; benefits
§ 44-6-660 Evaluation of cost effectiveness; annual report

Terms Used In South Carolina Code > Title 44 > Chapter 6 > Article 5

  • Authorized inspector: means an employee of the Division of Regulatory and Public Service Programs, Clemson University or an employee of a cooperating agency specifically authorized to enforce the provisions of the federal Noxious Weed Act. See South Carolina Code 44-6-610
  • Commission: means the State Crop Pest Commission of South Carolina or any other person to whom authority may be delegated to act in its stead. See South Carolina Code 44-6-610
  • Department: means the State Department of Health and Human Services. See South Carolina Code 44-6-5
  • Noxious weed: means any living stage of any plant including seed or reproductive parts thereof or parasitic plants or parts thereof which is determined by the State Crop Pest Commission to be directly or indirectly injurious to public health, crops, livestock, or agriculture including, but not limited to, waterways and irrigation canals. See South Carolina Code 44-6-610