Upon application and payment of an application fee not to exceed seventy-five dollars, the board may issue a temporary permit to practice massage therapy to an applicant who has met the requirements of subdivision 36-35-12(1) to (4), inclusive, pending completion and results of the examination required pursuant to subdivision 36-35-12(5), if the applicant intends to practice massage therapy in the state during the time the permit is valid. A temporary permit may be issued no more than twice and is effective for a term of not more than ninety days. A temporary permit automatically expires on the occurrence of the following:

(1)    Issuance of a regular license;

(2)    Failure to pass the licensing examination; or

(3)    Expiration of the term for which the temporary license was issued.

Source: SL 2013, ch 184, § 6; SL 2015, ch 201, § 2; SL 2016, ch 197, § 7.