For the purposes of this chapter, any of the following acts constitute unprofessional conduct:

(1)    Conviction of or a plea of guilty to any felony, any crime involving or relating to the practice of massage, or any crime involving dishonesty or moral turpitude;

Terms Used In South Dakota Codified Laws 36-35-13

  • Felony: A crime carrying a penalty of more than a year in prison.
  • Plea: In a criminal case, the defendant's statement pleading "guilty" or "not guilty" in answer to the charges, a declaration made in open court.

(2)    Providing the board false or misleading information on any application for a license or renewal of a license;

(3)    Willful misconduct or negligence in the practice of massage;

(4)    Exceeding the scope of practice of massage as defined in §  36-35-1 ;

(5)    Engaging in any lewd or immoral conduct;

(6)    Making fraudulent charges for services;

(7)    Engaging in conduct which endangers the health or welfare of clients or other persons;

(8)    Failure to comply with any provision of this chapter; or

(9)    Engaging in any act that aids, abets, facilitates, or promotes a violation of this chapter.

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