§ 62-9-101 Chapter definitions
§ 62-9-102 Scrap metal dealer registration — Declaration by registrant whether ever convicted of violations or offenses involving scrap metal — Prohibition against registering for period of time after conviction
§ 62-9-103 Copying and recording required identification of sellers of scrap metal — Scrap metal transaction record requirements — Alternative forms of identification
§ 62-9-104 Taking of thumbprint impression — Scrap metal transaction records — Due diligence — Payment procedures — Vouchers — Dealer fees for administrative costs — Age restriction on sellers
§ 62-9-105 Maintenance of scrap metal transaction records — Inspection of scrap metals and records by law enforcement — Search warrant
§ 62-9-106 Offense to sell or for dealer to purchase certain types of scrap metal — Exceptions — Uniform scrap metal marking system — Committee to develop marking system — Violations — Prosecution for other offenses
§ 62-9-107 Offense of purchase by dealer of air conditioner evaporator coil or condenser for cash or for making payment at time of sale — Sale only by certain agents, representatives or employees — Required documentation — Payment requirements — Violation — Prosecut
§ 62-9-108 Offense of purchasing or possessing metal beer kegs — Violation — Prosecution for other offenses
§ 62-9-109 Offense of engaging in business of buying scrap metal without registration — Other offenses — Violations
§ 62-9-110 Revocation of registration upon conviction of violating chapter or for theft, burglary or vandalism involving scrap metal
§ 62-9-111 Sales of donated scrap metal by governmental entities, regulated landfills and solid waste processing facilities — Payment requirements — Registration of governmental entities, regulated landfills, or solid waste processing facilities as scrap metal deale
§ 62-9-112 Application of chapter to sales between registered scrap metal dealers
§ 62-9-113 Emergency rules — Committee for development of uniform terminology — Study of the cost and feasibility of compiling and implementing a “no buy list”