1. It is unlawful for any applicant for a policy of title insurance, or any person, firm or corporation, on behalf of the applicant, or any other person, firm or corporation whomsoever, to request, receive or obtain from a title insurance agent, or a title insurance company, any commission, discount, rebate, special favor, advantage or inducement, or to engage or participate in any collusion with respect thereto, or for any title insurance company, or agent, to give, grant or rebate any part of a premium for title insurance to any lender, mortgage broker or real estate agent or broker or real estate builder or developer, and no person shall engage in business as a title insurance agent in this state, nor accept or hold a certificate of agency for the chief and primary purpose of securing some special advantage, rebates, commissions or concessions on title insurance written for the person, or some person, firm, corporation or lending institution in which the person is interested, or with which the person is connected or associated, and all of which acts and things are expressly prohibited and forbidden by this chapter.
  2. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to make unlawful the distribution of profits or dividends to the owner or owners or shareholders of a title insurance company, agency, or agent; provided, that the distribution is made in the ordinary course of business and in accordance with sound accounting principles.