1. Every title insurance company qualified under this chapter shall obtain from the commissioner approval of appointments for every agent writing or soliciting insurance for it as provided in this state. Appointments of agents shall expire one minute past midnight (12:01 a.m.), January 1 of each year, or may be terminated by the insurer at any time by submitting the required termination form to the commissioner as set forth in § 56-6-153 [repealed].
  2. Annually, and prior to January 1 of each year, every title insurance company shall file with the commissioner, in the form and manner that the commissioner prescribes, a designation or certification of all its agents whose appointments are to be renewed.
  3. The fee for each appointment or renewal of an insurance agent and for each duplicate request for appointment of an insurance agent shall be six dollars ($6.00) and shall be in lieu of all other taxes on this privilege. Appointment fees shall not be refundable.
  4. This section does not apply to any executive, traveling salaried employees or persons employed by the agents solely for the performance of clerical, stenographic or similar office duties.